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There is a local saying to our guests, "Lucky you come Hawaii!"

Much of this stems from Hawaii's temperature, of air and ocean water, soft caressing breezes, natural beauty of the islands, flowers, foliage, trees but also our very casual and relaxing way of life and dress. We really don't have a dress code except for some private schools, businesses, and military that require uniforms.

You may come to Hawaii and wear shorts, aloha shirts, casual short sleeve sweaters, sandals or slippers the entire stay if you wish. Local slang says, "letta go your blouse' relax and enjoy!"

However, most of our guests like to dress up a few times for fine dining, a special 'luau', or the theater. Many fine dining restaurants and hotels require closed shoes, long pants, usually dress slacks for the men and a few require a sport jacket. It is wise to call ahead and check. Ladies in short or longer dresses with a beautiful floral 'lei' over their shoulders are always acceptable.

In the winter months we get local showers, and as hard as it is to believe, with strong trade winds, it can and does get chilly. So you may want to bring a sweater or jacket for warmth. In the early morning in January or February the temperature at Hale Kimo can go as low as the mid to high 50's. Please don't laugh, it may be very chilly on the beach at 6:00 in the morning at Hale Kimo! Yes we have blankets available at both homes!

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