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Business Meetings & Seminars: Hale Kimo is perfect for small seminars, meetings, training sessions, etc. A relaxed, spacious, and homey atmosphere lends itself to a productive effort. A corporate executive stated that their planning sessions proved to be very results oriented. He particularly enjoyed his casual attire - his favorite shorts and bare feet throughout the sessions - which proved to be very relaxing. Sure beats a hotel environment!

Family Reunions: Over the years, many family members scattered within the continental US and in foreign countries have used Hale Kimo as a family reunion site to reunite and enjoy one another. We have several families that come annually or bi-annually to enjoy the family togetherness that Hale Kimo likes to provide. Come and enjoy a special family reunion on the famous North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. We now permit families to have 20 guests at Hale Kimo and if they make arrangements for a family member's beachfront home next door, they can have 12 more family members or up to 32, all close together.

Christian Retreats & Meetings: Hale Kimo has hosted 2 night Christian weekend retreats for many years. Its location on the North Shore is conducive to study, worship, fellowship, and lots of fun and relaxation. The retreat must embrace at least 25 men or women to qualify. The family member's home next door provides a great conference center and permits up to 40 men or women to attend the retreats.

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