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. : Greetings And Aloha

Welcome to Hawaii and “Hale Kimo on Sunset Beach”.

Please feel right at home as you take a photographic tour of our “complex” and the North Shore. Hale Kimo is a very special place with a beautiful and restful location. The multi colored Pacific Ocean and the large white sand beach are just steps away.

We are on the beach with landscaped open frontage for easy viewing of your children swimming, surfers, kite surfing, wind surfing, and people frolicking on the beach. Enjoy the sun and feel our soft caressing air. Come and see for yourself!

We also cater to family reunions. Our home lends itself to family fun, and lasting memories. Family and friends togetherness is special and there is something about Hale Kimo’s atmosphere and ambiance that makes one relax, and enjoy each other. Our guest books echo similar sentiments- -a spacious “homey” place!

Memories and relationships are the only rich and lasting things of life! We just don’t take enough time to really get to know and enjoy our families and friends - Yes, it’s later than we think!!

Book Hale Kimo now and enjoy a vacation you will never forget! We look forward to meeting you at Sunset Beach on the famous North Shore.

Mahalo (Thank You)

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