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Drinking water is completely filtered - tap water, ice and even showers and baths. Buying expensive bottled water isn't necessary. Our filtered drinking water is pure as well as soft. Chlorinated showers are a thing of the past! Enjoy our water!!!

Telephones: All calls on Oahu are free. We don't have a long distance carrier on Hale Kimo's phones so be sure to have a calling card or call collect to place your long distance calls.

Shopping: If you're Costco members, there is a big new Costco on the way to Hale Kimo from the airport. You take Exit 2 off the H2 freeway on the way to Mililani, turn left, go over the freeway to 1st signal light, turn left and you will see it. It's a great place to stock up if you're a big group. There is also a Sam's Club (before Costco) in the Pearl City area, call me for directions if you're a member there. There's also a beautiful grocery store, Foodland, near Hale Kimo that has everything. Milk and other staples are less at Costco and Sam's Club but not as convenient.

Sundries: If you want a morning paper, take a short walk on the bike path, go to your left as you leave the house, a large city block and you'll see the Sunset Beach store across Kam Hwy or Ted's Bakery - famous island wide for its pies: Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Haupia, Coconut Cream, and others! You must taste their fabulous, yummy sweet rolls of all kinds! They are a must for your first breakfast.

Dining: You'll find many nice restaurants within close proximity to Hale Kimo. Turtle Bay Hotel (turn left) only five minutes from us and others in Haleiwa (turn right) about 15 minutes driving time. For fine dining, there are Jameson's and Haleiwa Joes. There are several family dining spots, Pizza Bobs (they have other things too), Kuaaina for great hamburgers and, of course, famous Matsumoto's for shave ice (try them with ice cream in a cone), just to name a few.

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