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In Hawaiian Hale is 'house'; Kimo is 'Jim'; and Ohana is 'family'. Therefore, Hale Kimo Ohana means - - - 'House of Jim's Family'.

Great Grandpa and Grandma purchased this property in 1947. It was two large lots - approximately 20,000 square feet with 250 feet of ocean frontage on Sunset Beach, Oahu. It was totally unimproved. They purchased a surplus 'Army Billet" from the US Army at Schofield Barracks after World War II from Kapapa Gulch.

This building had to be hauled on a trailer completely around the Island of Oahu on the then very small two lane roads because historic Haleiwa Bridge was so narrow. It still is! This took 4 days to go less than 100 miles because they could only haul a few hours - from 12 midnight till 4:00AM - each night.

They built a cute cottage from this building in 1948. We enjoyed many happy weekends and vacations at "Hale Kimo I" for 35 years. It was torn down, tearfully, in 1983 for construction of my sister's home on her lot next to "Hale Kimo II".

"Hale Kimo II" was built in 1981, on Jim's lot. Our side of the 'Wilkinson Clan' is also a close knit family. We have five children, spouses and 17 grandchildren who have had numerous gatherings, happy weekends, and vacations at "Hale Kimo II" over the years with lasting memories!!! Memories are Forever!

We maintain and improve this property constantly, as we love Hale Kimo and its many memories. Carolyn and Jim spent their honeymoon at "Hale Kimo I" in 1953 - it is very special to them! Our on-site picture albums cover much of Hale Kimo's history.

Over these many years, our Ohana (family) has used Hale Kimo for numerous gatherings, reunions, and weddings. We know, there are many beautiful locations in Hawaii but we believe "Hale Kimo's Location On The North Shore" is "Right on Top"!!! Please come and see for yourselves.

We enjoy sharing these beautiful, spacious, upscale homes with others - particularly to family reunions - so they too can enjoy this 'homey' beachfront property with memories they won't forget!!!

In our busy lives, we just don't take enough time to really get to know and enjoy our families in such relaxed and beautiful surroundings. Time flies by so rapidly - it is later than we think! !

God bless you and your family - Aloha Nui Loa,

Jim & Carolyn Wilkinson

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